Greetings from Piccola Opera!

As some of you may know, Piccola Opera delights in offering the emerging singer an opportunity to share their gifts with our public. This recent challenge of Covid has certainly impacted the opera community to the point of making opera almost disappear in front of us. This is such a sad thing to witness. Certainly, there has never been a greater need for music than now. We cannot allow opera to just wither away.

Here at Piccola Opera, we have been dedicated to offering socially distanced opera available to both the deserving singer and our audience here in New Hampshire. We offered four different programs this summer to include opera concerts, sacred song concerts and two semi-staged performances of “Dido and Aeneas” and “Trial by Jury”.

In addition, Piccola Opera continued its annual presentation of NH Opera Idol (you can still enjoy this production on our social media platforms) with our participants receiving over $4,500 in cash awards and contracts for the Piccola Opera 2021 season.

However, Piccola Opera needs YOUR financial support to keep our company running – even thriving! We are busy with innovative social media programs including our “Feature Friday” presentations and our upcoming “Opera 101” program beginning in January 2021.

We are asking for your financial support to continue this important work to keep music and beauty in the Granite State and beyond.

You can donate at

Know that your donation will go 100% toward our programming as all our directors donate their time and commitment to the opera realm. Certainly, we will work together to bring the beauty and grandeur of opera out to the public arena – in any way possible!

To those who have supported our work, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Every donation is welcomed with true gratitude. Thank you for thinking of us!

Now, on with the music!
Jane Cormier, Director